We’re here because of where you want your organization to be.

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We can’t think of any organization that doesn’t strive to lead their industry; to be the benchmark that others emulate and to be a bona fide group of winners.

That is why we exist. Equonxo Training was founded in 2010 based on a single, powerful focus: to build championship teams.

And that means getting to the core of every single individual that gets sent our way. We seek to understand each player on your team – right down to his or her innermost passions and values.

By recognising their personal motivations, we’re able to effectively harness each player’s unique set of abilities to effectively achieve your organisation’s goals.

And that’s only us getting started.

We don’t only help you get results, we measure them in the long-term, so you get to see and measure for yourself, the proven benefits of your investment. And together, we’ll discover new ways to take your company to even greater heights.

Why do we do this? Because we view our clients as partners. Partners that share the same belief: That championship teams don’t rest on their laurels. They keep proving themselves worthy of being at the top.

If you’re ready to build your championship team, let’s get to work.

our Passport

We deliver our workshops and programmes across the World. Thus far, we’ve been granted opportunities to work with organisations in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Bangladesh, Italy and UAE.

Our Values

Let us let you lead

A session with Equonxo will expose participants to take on the front seat. You don’t need a title to lead, just the right value and attitude. Everyone is a leader in their own way; with their own style of managing and contributing towards a team’s success. Equonxo create and customise experiential workshops that enable even the most unconventional (quiet, timid or even invisible) participant to shine and take the lead when the situation calls for it.

Let us let you see the truth

Equonxo’s training programmes are not designed just to make you feel good (well, not immediately) because we believe that sugar-coating, like diabetes is detrimental to the health of an organization. So we always opt for saying things as how we see it. We treat our client like our partner; and like any long-term relationship, we want to be honest and truthful in our observation and giving diagnosis of your team.

Let us let you be aspired

Contrarily to popular beliefs, we don’t motivate. If we are lucky, we sometimes do inspire. But most of the time, it was the participants who aspired us. Their energy and passion are so great that they bounced off one another. Most of the participants who walk into our sessions are already equipped with ideas and desires to drive themselves and the team forward. It was just merely our job to stimulate the spark.

Our Solution

At Equonxo, we look at training solutions holistically. We work closely with clients to develop programmes that enhance their organisations in the three key areas: Team Effectiveness, Leadership Effectiveness and Organisational Effectiveness.

From years of training and facilitating experience, we developed our tried-and-tested Experiential Methodology. We find that people learn best through experience rather than in structured classroom environments. So we immerse your team in specially-designed experiences that make learning not only fun, but also memorable.

Our Winning Methodology

Class is never in session.

We could conduct our sessions using chalk and a blackboard while everyone is seated quietly like good little boys and girls.

Except we aren’t so little anymore. And fitting into that school uniform you still keep is going to be tough.

So don’t expect any passive learning with us.

Instead, get ready for a powerful, proven methodologies introduced via experiential workshops.

Each programme / workshop is a carefully crafted session focuses on your life-long ability to learn and understand concepts by experiencing them in a fully immersive and energy-filled fashion.

We’re talking experiences that may involve learning materials from props, costumes, board games, hand-made apparatus and more.

In other words: plenty of fun for grown-ups. But there’s seriousness in all of this fun.

This is it; we deliver the results and outcomes of every programme with outright sincerity and honesty with absolutely no biasness or sugar-coating.

We believe in honestly because nothing will be as profoundly impactful to the success of your organisation as facts.

Sure, it may cause a frown or two but ultimately, every single participant will learn to embrace these powerful truths, and use them to propel themselves individually and as a team.