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Everyone in your organization plays a vital role in your delivery towards success. The way we see it, there is no role too small nor is there a role that is more important than the other.

We equate the role to a player’s positions in any team sports; for a team to succeed and to repeat success, every player must own up to his / her position and be an expert in their playing fields. With that, every player’s full potential can be realised.

With our training and development programmes, the players on your team will be inspired and driven towards reaching their optimum competency levels. With everyone performing at their best and be able to focus on their core functions, all that’s left is to expect the best results.

That’s how championship teams are built. One player at a time.

Training & Development

Every player reaches the peak.

Championship teams are made up of championship-calibre players, each having reached his/her ultimate potential. It’s time to unearth the finest career qualities and traits in the future generation of leaders in your organisation. Our programmes are also open to all individuals seeking to gain a solid performance edge in their pursuit of personal career excellence.

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Event Based Team Building Programmes

Victories are forged in cohesion.

The success of every team depends on the ability of every player to perform competently and competitively. ‘As. One. Single. Unit.’ As Rudyard Kipling once wrote; “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

Our programmes will elevate each player in your organisational team to an equal level of respect and understanding. And it is at this level that each player recommits himself/herself to the company’s goals – with renewed trust and confidence in his teammates.

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CSR-Focused Programmes

We are making a difference for tomorrow

Have the intention to carry out CSR activities but nothing seemed inspired enough?

Well, we’re sure our specially created CSR-focused programmes are exactly what you’re looking for.

Each programme has been injected with a fun way to give back to those in need. You’d feel empowered and fulfilled while the needy benefits tremendously as a result. Talk about win-win.

So you’re probably wondering: How is this possible?

You’ll just have to read the brief descriptions of each programme to find out.

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Young Champions

Introducing our Young Champions Programmes.

It’s never too early to begin nurturing the champions of tomorrow. Aged: 9 to 18.

Personal Breakthrough Session

To help break selfish habits as a result of common educational methods that rarely, if ever, employ team-based assignments. In other words, participants will discover the power of collaboration, and begin implementing team-based principles in achieving goals.

Managing Exam Anxiety

To help participants overcome exam anxiety. Too much pressure from various influencers, including friends, teachers and even family can lead youths to fear and suffer from nervousness and depression when faced with examinations. We’re here to help with mind-empowering exercises and practices that will restore self-confidence, lift participants above the shackles of peer and family pressure, and banish the crippling symptoms of exam anxiety for good.

Prefects Leadership Camp

To turn today’s prefects into future leaders. Prefects already have the foundation to lead successful lives as inspiring figures. But it takes a few key self-employed techniques and tips to help solidify their path towards assured greatness. Participants will take home these techniques and tips which will serve them no shorter than a lifetime.

Personal Sharings